1. How Magic Mushrooms Got Their Magic

    Magic Mushrooms

    From portrayals in popular culture in movies such as “Natural Born Killers” and “Altered States” to their recent role in innovative therapy, the mojo of magic mushrooms is unmistakable. What follows are some fun facts about these versatile fungi and some discussions that detail how magic mushrooms got their magic, bro.


    Magic mushrooms are banned in certain countries, although in the Netherlands, where they are known as ‘magic truffles,’ isn’t one of them. In the Netherlands, magic mushrooms are mostly sold for research, and the information in this article is intended for those purposes. Therefore, we won’t take any responsibility for those who choose to use them. Ensure that you check the legal status of magic mushrooms

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  2. 5-MeO-DMT: Effects, History and Differences from DMT



    “You sure have to kiss a lot of toads before Prince Charming comes along.”

    Compare that childhood adage to the very first experimenters who got up close and personal with the Colorado River toad by either kissing or licking one of them.  Whoever got the hoppers mad enough that first time most likely found out that these dwellers of the Sonoran Desert secrete Bufotenin from their glands as part of their primary defense system. Even more importantly, these pioneer toad-lickers surely stumbled upon the psychedelic nature of the amphibian. In fact, the glandular secretions of the Colorado River toad contain 5-MeO-DMT, a hallucinogenic of a most interesting nature.

    Before you go out to try to find your own croaking “Prince Charming,” though, it is i

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  3. LSD & Bicycle day. The journey of Hofmann.

    LSD & Bicycle day. The journey of Hofmann.

    Bicycle Day is held all over the world on April 19. The international holiday honors the accidental journey by bicycle on the day that the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann discovered the psychic effects of Lysergic Acid as he drove home from his laboratory. The first LSD trip was a shocking experience, but Hofmann knew he was doing something important. Yet according to Albert Hofmann, the very first LSD trip was not a dream world, but an everlasting nightmare.


    "I did not opt for LSD, LSD found and called me." - Albert Hofmann


    His legendary LSD journey laid the foundation for modern psychedelic drug culture and provided a crucial moment in the history of science. In the 1930s they discovered Ergot (Lysergic Acid). After many experiments, Lysergic Acid eventually led to the discovery of LSD. Hofmann s

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  4. 6 surprising reasons why you should turn to CBD weed

    6 surprising reasons why you should turn to CBD weed

    If you haven’t yet heard about CBD, please come out from whatever rock you’re hiding under.

    Now, if you were to believe everything you read in the (alternative) news, you might think that CBD weed can cure everything under the sun. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but there are some remarkable advantages to CBD - most of which have been backed by science. 

    Curious to find out more?

    Let’s dive right in.

    1. CBD can decrease chronic pain

    This may be the most important benefit of all. CBD weed has been shown to significantly decrease chronic pain symptoms

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  5. 15 actionable and science-backed ways to increase dopamine naturally (that you can do today)

    15 actionable and science-backed ways to increase dopamine naturally (that you can do today)

    So you're unmotivated. You're unproductive.


    You have mood swings and difficulty taming your inner cookie monster.


    And you're sick of it.


    You're sick of not getting anything done and being an ass to others.


    You're sick of not being able to enjoy life more.


    It ends here, and I'm going to show you how.


    Below I've listed 15 actionable and science-backed ways you can get started on RI

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