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  1. The Origins of Ketamine


    If you’ve ever endured a debilitating or chronic condition before, you know there are many different medications you can take. Some companies even make claims that their medication can cure you completely, while others just suppress your symptoms. Ketamine, a drug used primarily for anesthesia, is very effective in treating a variety of chronic diseases and conditions. Ketamine has also recently shown promise as an alternative therapy for mood disorders such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

    What is Ketamine?

    Ketamine, with chemical formula being C13H16ClNO, belongs to a class of drugs known as dissociative anesthetics. Other drugs in this category include PCP, Dextromethorphan (DXM) and nitrous oxide. Ketamine also goes by brand names Ketalar, Ketanest and Ketaset. The substance is primarily used by doctors and veterinarians when starting and maintaining anesthesia.

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  2. Discover the world’s top 5 Shamanic spots

    Discover the world’s top 5 Shamanic spots

    Shamanism is an ancient practice that has been around for most of human history. This traditional practice links humans to the spirit world via higher levels of consciousness. The purpose of this practice can be healing, weather control, future prediction, spiritual guidance, and so on. Essentially, a Shaman is a spiritual guide that walks you through various experiences with the motive to heal both your physical and metaphysical self. Although Shamans can be found across the globe, many of them share similar beliefs, traditions, rituals, etc.

    In more recent dates, Shamans have managed to continue their teachings and practices in modern times. It is safe to say they have evolved, yet their roots have remained strong and their traditions still stand today. This article will take

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  3. Tryptamine Metabolism in Depression

    Tryptamine Metabolism in Depression

    Depression is one of the world’s most commonly diagnosed psychiatric conditions. It is a mood disorder that causes sufferers to lose interest in day-to-day activities and instills in them a persistent feeling of sadness. The disorder is also a major challenge to the medical community because it is a recurrent condition and has a link to increased risk of heart disease stroke and diabetes. Common symptoms of it include difficulty sleeping, lethargy, unexplained aches and pains, fatigue, and suicidal thoughts.

    A Scientific Breakthrough

    An effective treatment for depression has been elusive because science has yet to fully unlock the inner working of the human brain, but several studies have suggested that substances capable of forging new neural connections could provide a breakthrough.

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  4. Novel Psychoactive Research Chemicals Across the Globe

    Novel Psychoactive Research Chemicals Across the Globe

    What are Novel Research Chemicals?

    Scientific exploration into the benefits of synthetic research chemicals known to produce psychoactive effects has yielded significantly beneficial results in the past few decades.

    With the emergence of scientific interest in the therapeutic impacts of novel psychoactive research chemicals and the cultural reemergence of their acceptance and exploration, many wonderful and exciting new avenues have opened that can grant insight into the fascinating world of psychedelics and mind-altering substances.

    This article looks at some of the most prominent research chemicals and novel psychoactive substances that can provide exciting avenues for further research and exploration.


    This class of

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  5. Does Psilocybin & Other Psychedelics Increase the Production of New Brain Cells?

    Does Psilocybin & Other Psychedelics Increase the Production of New Brain Cells?

    Psilocybin is a substance that puts the “magic” in magic mushrooms, and recreational users have known about this quality for quite some time. However, with new studies suggesting it and other psychedelics can increase the production of new brain cells, it means that it may be high time to switch out the word magic for miraculous.

    The Roles Stem Cells and Psychedelics Play

    It is often said that the human brain is the most complex object in the observable universe, but its inner workings remain largely unknown to science. One aspect of neurology that has perplexed researchers is how a fixed map of neural connections can produce a wide variety of brain states such as sleep, dreams, wakefulness, and altered psychedelic states.

    Efforts to unlock these mysteries have foc

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  6. Are Psychedelics Following in the Footsteps of Cannabis?

    Are Psychedelics Following in the Footsteps of Cannabis?

    The legalization of cannabis is spreading its roots across the world, and media reports abound of huge “decriminalize nature” movements happening such as the MORE Act and IP 34 in Oregon. These fascinating reports have people wondering if psychedelics are following in the footsteps of cannabis?

    Overview of Marijuana Legalization

    In 2013, the South American country of Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize recreational cannabis. Countries in North America recently became very cannabis-friendly, too, with the United States and Canada both enacting laws that legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.

    In the U.S., the medical use of cannabis is currently legalized in 33 states, and

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  7. Treating Mental Disorders with Psychedelics

    Treating Mental Disorders with Psychedelics

    Millions of people all around the world suffer from mental health issues every single day. These mental health issues, or mental disorders, can range from Depression, PTSD, and anxiety just to name a few popular ones. Globally, around 800,000 people die each year from committing suicide. It is no secret that those who end their own lives suffer greatly from mental illness and mental disorders. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in young people, according to our data. If we can successfully treat mental disorders, then we could potentially decrease the number of suicides each year, saving lives. The question is how and the answer is not something you can pinpoint. Because the source of mental disorders is not one person or one thing, we can not

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  8. Groundbreaking Research about Taking Magic Mushrooms

    Groundbreaking Research Shows People Taking Magic Mushrooms Become Less Violent


    Ask people what they think people who are on psychedelics act like...and more often than not, they’ll describe news stories they've seen or read–stories that include how people on bath salts or PCP (angel dust) commit irrational and sometimes violent acts.
    They are also the ultimate clickbait stories and lead to a lot of misinformation that surrounds most common hallucinogens. Tales like these have hel
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  9. The Top Ten Must-Watch Psychedelic Documentaries and Short Films

    Psychedelic movies



    “Those at too great a distance may, I am well aware, mistake ignorance for perspective.” ― Carl Sagan


    The difference between being opinionated and being informed is the knowledge you hold over a particular subject.
    When it comes to psychedelics, most people tend to se
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  10. The Most Amazing Discoveries Made under the Influence of Psychedelics

    The Most Amazing Discoveries Made under the Influence of Psychedelics


    If you think that the only thing that stoners can accomplish is demolishing a bag of chips when they get the munchies, then get ready to have your mind blown. In fact, illicit substances have led to some rather enduring eureka moments and creativity bursts throughout history.

    The following guide lets you in on some of the most amazing discoveries made under the influence of psychedelics.


    The Personal Computer


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