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  1. How to Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home: The Mycelium Master’s Home Grow Guide

    grow mushrooms at home

    Whether you’re already an enthusiast who revels in the excitement of watching your mushrooms grow, or if you just want to learn how to grow your own silly shrooms, then look no further! Growing magic mushrooms doesn’t have to be terribly hard, but the more care and effort you put into it, the happier they’ll be - and happy mushrooms means strong mushrooms.

    There are some different choices that you’ll get to make when deciding how you’re going to grow your mushrooms. Of course, you’ll have to pick the type that you want. But you’ll also be able to pick and choose the way that you grow them, including how you make your grow box. Of course, you can also choose to get a grow kit.

    In this article, we’ll help you decide for yourself what kind of mushrooms to grow and how you’ll do it.

    A Bit About Mushrooms

    Mushrooms, as a family, are some of the most important and oldest organisms on the planet. The mycelium network, which contains the majo

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  2. The Race to Keep Research Alive: The War on Drugs & Criminalization

    The Race to Keep Research Alive: The War on Drugs & Criminalization

    The war on drugs has undoubtedly affected nearly every individual in the United States and, in more recent years, the entire planet. Even though research continues to show that the war on drugs has very little positive impact, the leaders of this movement, namely the FDA and the DEA in the United States, seemed determined to ramp up their efforts to control and limit the sale and distribution of drugs.

    Unfortunately, this approach is not only i,practical, but rather unhealthy. Making drugs illegal isn't going to prevent people from wanting to use them. What this does is creates a black market environment in which people need to purchase drugs, largely untested, from sites that take on the role of filling in this niche market.

    The War on Drugs Has Stalled Helpful Research

    The war on drugs remains committed not to just making it hard to obtain classically criminalized drugs such as LSD and heroin. They also attempt to continually criminalize new substances

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  3. The Lost Art & Science of Alchemy & its Sister Science, Herbalism


    Alchemy is a very complex science. Like chemistry, which actually finds its roots in alchemy, the technique of the alchemist would look like confusion and madness to anyone uninitiated.

    Alchemy is a science many thousands of years old, and it’s impossible to determine from whence it really came. Alchemical works can be interpreted in numerous ways and, as such, can result in vastly different conclusions depending on who is reading them. However, the origins of alchemy are generally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth, also known as Mercury, also known as the god-figure who got around and ended up with too many names.

    Herbalism, on its surface, seems to be a much less complicated science (at least, depending on how it is pursued). Professional herbalists work to create medicine by identifying the energetic components of plants and combining them to correct imbalance of various energies in sick or injured humans. 

    Introducing phytobiology a

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  4. How to Make Your Raving Experience More Epic

    raving tips

    You may have clicked on this article as a beginner raver. After my years of going to raves, I can confidently say that it is not all fun and games… While it is mostly fun and games, there can be a lot of challenges when raving and there are some typical obstacles you may run into during your raving experiences.

    In this article, I am going to go over some tips that I would like to share with you that could help you get more out of your experience.

    Pick your circle wisely.

    This is one of the most obvious things about making sure your rave experience is epic. The people you go with will without a doubt make or break the experience. It is so extremely important to choose your circle carefully and go to raves with those who have your wellbeing in mind. Raving can be an extremely intense bonding experience filled with vulnerabilities. In my next few points below I will elaborate on why this is so important.

    Time Management.

    With such a formal t

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  5. 5 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

    reasons to buy bitcoin

    Even just a few years ago, Bitcoin was a term reserved specifically for nerds and technophiles. Nowadays, everyone and their grandma has heard about bitcoin. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they understand it or what to do with it. 

    This article will give you a quick outline of what bitcoin is and how it works, as well as a few reasons why you should invest at least some of your money in bitcoin.

    What Is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the name of the first currency built using blockchain technology. The blockchain and bitcoin were both developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, an elusive and enigmatic character (or characters) who still have not yet been identified.

    Nakamoto succeed in creating a decentralized currency system that took power away from the banks and encouraged privacy and user control. The cryptocurrency market has risen

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  6. Why Terence Mckenna was a f*cking legend!

    terence mckenna

    Who was Terence McKenna? On the surface, he was an author, lecturer, father, son, friend, and lover. Below the surface, he was a well-respected philosopher, ethnobotanist, and famous psychonaut! This was a man of many in regards to all of his accomplishments. He was an extremely sensitive man who used his sensitivity as his superpower during his work.

    Due to a sad event of fatal brain cancer, McKenna passed away at the young age of 53. However, he left his mark on the psychedelic community that will remain forever! He was possibly most well-known for his public obsession with mushrooms.

    Specifically, magic mushrooms. Many of his lectures consisted of trip reports and the many lessons that were embedded in said trips. He was a phenomenal storyteller that made sure every single word he spoke held a lot of substance and depth. McKenna never wasted a breath!

    His years of interest in mycology (scientific study of fungi) led him deeper and deeper down the magic

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  7. MDMA: The Future of Therapy?

    mdma therapy

    MDMA has a fairly interesting history. Only recently has it really begun getting the attention that it deserves as a powerful therapeutic agent. Throughout most of its existence, MDMA has either been completely ignored or demonized as a dangerous party drug. 

    Nowadays, people are beginning to really appreciate the therapeutic value of MDMA and other drugs such as ketamine. This substance will likely play an important part in the future of psychotherapy. Learn how and why this is happening today. 

    What Is MDMA? 

    MDMA, short for methylenedioxymethamphetamine, is a drug that has gained popularity in the party scene across the globe. It remains most popular in Europe and North America, where it is often sold under the name of ecstasy. 

    MDMA is a stimulant drug in the phenethylamine family that is also

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  8. Lucid dreaming: Travel within your mind

    how to lucid dream

    Dreaming remains one of the most mysterious parts of consciousness, especially when it comes to lucid dreaming. The desire to master lucid dreaming is becoming more and more common. We still have yet to determine exactly what a dream is, how/why it occurs and if dreams hold any meaning. Anciently, we have described the dream space as an alternate universe where we can gain much of the wisdom needed to help us along the human experience.

    In the past, we have always searched for the deeper meaning and sacrecy in our dreams. In recent dates, we know more about the brain and consciousness than ever before.

    Additionally, we know more about what our brain is up to while we are asleep. Even though we are only beginning to put the puzzle pieces together, we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding the phenomenon that is dreaming!

    In this article, we will be discussing what is lucid dreaming, the most popular method used and a few tips I would like

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  9. The Dangers of Banning Legal Highs

    The Dangers of Banning Legal Highs

    By now, just about everybody knows that the war on drugs was and continues to be a tremendous failure. And yet, like a stubborn child that refuses to give up its favorite toy despite finding out that it's dangerous, organizations - many of them American, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, or D.E.A. - refuse to put an end to the war on drugs.

    Countries like Portugal have revealed the value and importance of decriminalizing drugs, many countries still spend significant portions of their taxpayers’ money on the enforcement and persecution of drug users.

    One of the ways in which the war on drugs continues to create problems rather than solving them is by continuing to criminalize more and more substances. Granted, some of the substances that have been lumped into the category of legal highs have been pretty dangerous. On the other hand, many of them are not dangerous and are far safer than those that you'll find on the street.

    Overall, the more substances that are m

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  10. The Best 4 New Research Chemical Releases

    new research chemicals

    2021 has been an exciting year so far for research chemicals. Every year’s exciting, but this year saw the synthesis and release of some amazing new research chemicals that have been supplied to us at Realchems so that we, in turn, can supply them to you.

    As mentioned in our previous article it’s incredibly important to keep the hobby and practice of psychedelic research alive. Psychedelic medicine is the weave of the future and people are beginning to accept how well it can prevent and reduce the symptoms of various illnesses, both mental and physical.

    And yet psychedelics are pursued relentlessly by the law. Fortunately, this is slowly changing as more awareness is being brought towards psychedelics in general. But for most places, full-on legalization of psychedelics is a long way away. That’s why the research chemical industry is so potent.

    Research chemicals provide an alternative for those who are unable to research psychedelics but who don’t want to risk th

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