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  1. Mysterious Tryptamines That No One Is Talking About

    mysterious tryptamines

    Tryptamines are one of the most popular and prominent classes of psychedelics. Tryptamines include compounds like DMT, psilocybin, and all of the substituted tryptamines such as 4-ACO-DMT. Even lysergamides (like LSD) are considered ‘complex tryptamines,’ so when you really think about the sheer number of tryptamines it can seem overwhelming.

    Furthermore, most of the tryptamines that are discussed online are fairly established. There are lots of other mysterious tryptamines that no one is talking about. If you’ve heard of Alexander Shulgin’s book, TiHKAL (Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved), you might be interested to know that it contains over 900 pages. Half of these pages contain Shulgin’s information on the synthesis of various tryptamines.

    Shulgin himself synthesized more than 200 drugs in his lifetime. That’s mo

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  2. Study LSD legally with 1V-LSD (VALERIE)

    1V-LSD valerie

    Here at Realchems, we take pride in being one of the most up-do-date sources for research chemicals. Chemists, researchers and scientists from all over the world rely on us for providing them with a selection of different research chemicals so that they can continue their study.

    As such, we wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors if we weren’t stocking the newest legal derivative of LSD. 1V-LSD, known also as Valerie due to the compound’s chemical name (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide), is undoubtedly going to be a massively popular research chemical.

    It shares a lot of striking similarities with LSD. As a research chemical, Valerie LSD allows researchers to basically study LSD despite the fact that it is not legal to obtain.

    With amounts similar to what researchers would expect to see with regular LSD (around 150mcg of concentration), Valerie LSD is similar in all regards. This blog post will go on to describe how and why these products shoul

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  3. From Seeds to Flower, Ultimate Growing Guide

    cannabis growing guide

    If you’re wondering how to grow a marijuana plant, then look no further. Growing cannabis plants doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the simplest thing you can do is let them grow outdoors. However, doing that won’t produce the best-quality cannabis. If you want top-notch buds then you should learn how to grow marijuana indoors.

    This article will explain how to grow your own weed, with or without a marijuana grow box. A marijuana grow kit can certainly make things simpler by providing you with everything that you need to get started, but it’s not a necessity by any means. Just remember to ensure that cannabis cultivation is legal in your area!

    How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

    To be honest, you don’t really need a guide to grow cannabis outdoors. All you need to d

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  4. This Bed Time Routine Will Save Your Life

    bed time routine

    You have doubtlessly heard throughout life that sleep is important. It is. Very important. Sleep is the time during which your body repairs and resets itself. The body takes advantage of rest hours to create new hormones and enzymes, manage your metabolism, repair damaged tissues, and do just about everything else that keeps you in good health.

    If you have a hard time sleeping, then you should take some time to develop a healthy and effective bed routine. Whether this means relaxing with natural supplements like CBD or creating a wholesome sleeping space is up to you.

    We offer you a number of suggestions. Anyone wondering how to sleep better, whether they struggle with sleep disorders, stress, or too much caffeine, should follow the advice in this article.

    Best Bed Routine Tips for Morning

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  5. How to Grow Your Own Cannabis Plant

    grow cannabis plant

    Cannabis has become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite its illegality over much of the last century, more and more people began to use marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Nowadays, more governments are legalizing marijuana than ever before.

    With this, many people have also seized the opportunity to begin growing their own cannabis plants. This article will explore some of the basic information for anybody interested in how to grow cannabis plants.

    Following our simple guide of several steps to grow cannabis plants, you’ll be able to have your own marijuana flourishing in no time!

    Indoor or Outdoor?

    The biggest choice that many people face when deciding how to grow their marijuana is whether to grow their plants indoors or outside. If you’re going to grow your plants, then you should pick an option that is well-suited for your personal preferences.

    Indoor Cannabis

    There are a number of

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  6. What Is a K-Hole?

    k hole

    Ketamine, referred to sometimes as kitty or simply K, is a synthetic drug known for its dissociative and anesthetic properties. Originally developed as a medicinal tranquilizer for small animals such as cats, ketamine has since become incredibly popular among partygoers and recreational drug users.

    Ketamine produces a number of different changes in an individual’s mind and body. The drug causes marked dissociation, a sensation that can cause confusion and disorientation as the mind becomes increasingly separate from the body. People can feel completely separated from their senses, feel their thoughts as different entities, and see themselves from an outside perspective.

    At these higher and more intense stages of experience, users may become unable to move. The mind and body become so dissociated that they are no longer able to synchronize. As such, the user is unable to get their mind to move their body. This is known as a K-Hole.

    What is a K-Hole?

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  7. How to Recover After Partying Hard

    recover from partying hard

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an everyday partygoer, or someone who rarely dances with the devil of drink, it’s important to stay healthy. Partying can be hard on the body if you’re not taking care of yourself properly. Learning how you can keep yourself in good shape amidst the debauchery of a good party can set you apart from the crowd.

    For the most part, it’s important to remember that you follow basic health and hygiene protocol: stay hydrated, stay clean, and eat healthy food. Unfortunately, these things are a lot easier to forget when you’re under the influence than one might think. While scarfing down a greasy midnight hamburger while lying down on the sidewalk might seem like a terrible idea to you right now, last night it might have sounded like the best thing in the world.

    If that — or any other equally ridiculous party situation — has ever affected you, then you need to make sure that you know how to take care of yourself after a long party. This article

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  8. What Constitutes a Correct Scientific Experiment?

    person holding a petri dish

    What constitutes a correct scientific experiment? That’s a good question, and it’s best to find out the answer before you reach for that Erlenmeyer flask and Bunsen burner to conduct one of your own. Furthermore, not knowing the correct way to conduct an experiment can have ramifications that range anywhere from having your hard work being scoffed at by your peers…to having your lab go KABOOM!

    What is a Scientific Experiment?

    We have successful scientific experiments to thank for anything from the elimination of polio to AI-guided Mars rovers, to MDMA-assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD. As to what a scientific experiment is, we look to Merriam Webster for the definition: 

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  9. A Guide to Shamanic Treatments

    guide to shamanic treatments

    If you suffer from certain health ailments, you may become disillusioned or frustrated by conventional medicine. If this sounds like you, there are alternative holistic treatments that may help. One alternative treatment of note is shamanism, a spiritual practice found in cultures throughout the world. The following guide to will help you understand shamanic treatments better.

    What is Shamanism?

    The practice of shamanism has existed from ancient times to modern times. For the best modern definition of the practice, we look toward shaman and healer, Brant Secunda, who founded the Dance of the Deer Foundation in the late 70s. 

    Secunda, a member of the Huichol tribe says, “Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition a

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  10. Sea DMT: the Psychedelic Sponge

    sea dmt sponge

    In an interesting development for psychonauts, they’ve recently found out that sea sponges contain 5-Bromo-DMT. After hearing about this, you might have visions in your head of mermaids “set and setting,” while sucking on sponges for a fun and introspective Saturday night. As funny as that scenario might be, there are no mermaids. There are, however, three species of sponges that contain the “spirit molecule.” Let’s read on a bit about this novel concept, shall we?

    About DMT and 5-Bromo-DMT

    5-Bromo-DMT is a neurotransmitter and derivative of DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine). If you are unfamiliar, DMT is a powerful tryptamine alkaloid that produces intense psychedelic experiences when consumed. The transcendental, spiritual experience of DMT is so powerful that it is known as the “spirit molecule.”

    DMT is found naturally in animals and plants, including the plant Banisteriopsis caapi – which is used, along with the Psychotria viridis shru

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